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Advanced Business and Financial Modeling Using Excel

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Learn and practice all the advanced tools in Excel 2007 by applying them to real-life business cases
  • Develop practical models in Finance, Business, Accounting & Research
  • Build Dynamic Business Dashboards to assist professionals in measuring performance and enhance decision making
  • Learn advanced techniques to link up Excel with Access, Web, Test, SQL, and other Databases.
  • Build Automated Financial Models using forecasting and what-if analysis
  • Perform MACROS to automate and manage models efficiently.
  • This Program is designed for:

    Finance and Accounting, business managers, research professionals, financial controllers, accounting managers, financial directors, senior accountants, financial analysts and general ledger accountants. Prerequisite: attending Mastering Business and Financial Modeling program or at least intermediate level proficiency in Excel.
    Note: This is a hands-on training program using Laptops/Computers.

    Program Outline:

    The Advanced Tools Macro-Charged Modeling and
  • Dynamic Consolidation
  • Data Validation
  • Multiple Scenario Manager
  • Solver for Business
  • Pivot Tables - Advanced
  • Advanced formulas techniques
  • Data Tables
  • The Rules of Macro Recording and Editing
  • Building Navigation Buttons for Your Model
  • Adding and Configuring Controls
  • Using List Button and Check-Box Controls
  • Using Option and Combo Box Controls
  • Working with LOOP, IF, Msgbox, and Input
    Dialogue box.
  • Building the one stop shop for your daily
    tasks and activities
  • Automating the process of emailing and
    printing your reports
  • The Super Model Techniques Advanced Report Development
  • How a Model should work
  • Designing the Input, Process, and Output
  • Tools required for modeling
  • Automating your Model
  • Developing a Forecasted Financial Statements
  • Developing Financial Statements using the GL
  • Prepare Vendor and Customer Analysis Reports
  • Build Automated Budgeting and Business Models
  • Formula Driven Visualization
  • Trending and Bucketing Your Data
  • Smoothing Data, Top and Bottom Displays
    and Histograms
  • Two-Dimensional Data Tables
  • Working with external data sources
  • Connecting to text files
  • Importing delimited files
  • Managing external data sources
  • Using Microsoft query
  • Connecting to Access database
  • Connecting with SQL databases
  • Connecting to Web data sources
  • Creating a Data Source for Online Analytical
    Processing - OLAP
  • Building report solutions
  • Dash boarding & Scorecards Putting you to the Test!
  • The Ultimate Business Reporting Tool
  • Creating your periodic and flash management
    reports in seconds
  • Updating your dashboard in one click
  • Using dynamic labeling and Dynamic Graphing
  • Report formatting
  • Designing and Building Scorecards
  • Use learned objectives to Plan, Design, and
    Implement a complete Business Model


    Duration : 4 days

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