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Strategic Finance for Managers

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the macro finance picture of company goals and objectives.
  • Enhance their knowledge of financial analysis and assess their ability to perform strategic financial analysis.
  • Understand international finance in this globally structured financial economy.
  • Become acquainted with Bond, Stock, and Foreign Exchange markets.
  • Grasp knowledge of investment management as a tool to maximize shareholder wealth.
  • Realize the importance of mergers and acquisitions in creating value for the firm.
  • Discover the new trends in corporate governance and the importance of transparency to their organizational success.
  • This Program is designed for:

    Professionals at the senior management level, executive management, board members, directors, policy advisors, department heads, regional directors, and managers in the private and government sector.
    Duration : 5 days

    Program Outline:

    What Every Senior Manager Should
    Know about Finance
    Financial Institutions and Products
  • Macro Financial Management
  • The Only Three Finance Questions
    Every Senior Manager Needs to Answer
  • Money Capital Markets
  • Alternative Markets: Foreign Exchange
    and Derivative Securities Markets
  • Mutual Funds
  • The Concept of Investing
  • Bond and Stock Fundamentals
  • Principles of Stock Options
  • Futures Markets
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Understanding Balance Sheets and Income
  • Why Is Cash Flow Statement Most Important
  • Estimating Cost of Capital - WACC
  • Free Cash Flow - CFC
  • Corporate Valuation - CV: Assessing the Value
    of Firms
  • Financial Analysis for Value
    Creation - Strategic Outlook
    Corporate Governance
  • DuPont Analysis
  • Liquidity, Asset Management, Solvency,
    and Profitability
  • Trend Analysis and Growth
  • Vertical Analysis and Strategy
  • Forecasting and Projecting Business Results
  • Why Corporate Governance Is a Must for
    Every Senior Manager
  • Frameworks and Mechanism
  • Case Studies on Corporate Governance
  • International Finance Mergers, LBOs, Divestitures,
    and Holding Companies
  • International Financial Markets
  • International Monetary System
  • Understanding Monetary and Fiscal Policies
  • Types of Mergers
  • Analysis of Potential Mergers
  • The Due Diligence Process
  • Structuring the Takeover Bid
  • The Role of Investment Bankers
  • Pre-requisites

    Duration : 4 days

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