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Advanced Recruitment and Selection Skills

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Complete a manpower plan and translate it to a recruitment campaign.
  • Design an assessment center for use in the selection of candidates.
  • Conduct interviews using job profiles and competency models.
  • Integrate new hires into the organization using effective on-boarding programs.
  • Conduct objective exit interviews aimed at minimizing turnover and improving efficiency of selection.
  • This Program is designed for:

    Experienced and/or senior professionals in the recruitment and selection function as well as senior employees in Human Resources. The program is also very useful for those working in manpower planning and nationalization

    Program Outline:

    Manpower Planning Post Interview Steps
  • Definition
  • Types of Manpower Plans: Static versus Dynamic Plans
  • Defining Starting Points
  • Defining and Entering the Variables
  • Project-Based Plans versus Time-Based Plans
  • Regret Letters
  • Employment Offers: Dos and Don'ts
  • Assessment Centers On-Boarding
  • Definition and Scope
  • Main Components of Effective Assessment Centers
  • Organizational Induction: Components
    and Responsibilities
  • Job-Specific Orientation
  • Probation Reports
  • Competency-Based Interviewing (CBI) Exit Interviews
  • Definition of CBI
  • Strengths and Limitations
  • Preparing Job Profiles
  • The Interview Main Steps
  • Personal Profiles: The Outcome of a CBI
  • Gap Analysis and Selection Decisions
  • When, How and by Whom
  • Format and Content
  • Analysis and Findings
  • Reporting Findings
  • Exit Interview Sample
  • Pre-requisites

    Duration : 3 days

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