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Customer Service Training

Our Customer Service Training and Retail Training Program focuses on creating customer satisfaction through in-depth training of core customer service skills which increases customer service satisfaction.

Why Customer service training

Customer Service Training is a critical part of our Retail Training programs. The training provided by BEI helps participants exceed customer expectations through consistently exceptional service. In order to achieve this it is important to ask yourself some questions:

Program is designed for

Customer care executives ,customer relationship managers , sales executives sales managers and any professional who is interested in to know how to maintain customer relationships.

  • Does your staff have the right skill sets to deliver exceptional customer service? Currently how do they develop good customer service skills? Is there a plan to continuously improve customer service?
  • Is the voice of the customer given the necessary priority? Is there customer service satisfaction?
  • Can they communicate and listen effectively to uncover the customer's true needs?
  • Do they understand the importance of internal customers?
  • Prospects are converted to customers by good sales techniques. But what converts new customers to repeat customers is customer satisfaction, which can only be achieved by exceptional customer service.

    This Customer Service Training program is for professionals who want to make a significant contribution to their company's image or bottom line and make their own lives easier by consistently providing exceptional customer service.

    Program Outline

  • Customer Service in the 21st century
  • Internal Customers and External Customers
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Building Rapport & Showing Empathy
  • First Impressions You Only Get One Chance
  • The Ten Must-Knows of Good Customer Service
  • Handling a Dissatisfied Customer
  • Developing Good Communication Skills
  • Customer Service Training requires a lot of simulation based training for effectiveness. Your participants need to be exposed to the dynamism that exists in consumerism. And the only successfully proven method to do this is through role plays and business cases.

    Hence, we proudly offer you our best time-tested Training Objects that focuses on 4 areas business cases, role plays, games and exercises.

    Through our numerous and relevant Training Objects on Customer Service, we can guarantee that it will enhance learning and retention in adult learners.


    Duration : 4 days

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