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HR for Non-HR Managers

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the main functions and strategic role of HR Management in modern organizations
  • Explore and understand the role of intangibles in building organizational value.
  • Explain why ‘HR Management is every managers basic responsibility.
  • Learn how line managers can add value to their organizations by mastering the role of Employee Champion and talent manager within their respective departments.
  • Know how to practically team up with the HR department in order to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Know what to expect from the HR department as a business manager.
  • This Program is designed for:

    Middle to senior managers in both public and private sectors seeking guidance on key issues in managing people; senior and middle level professionals in finance, production, operations and marketing; unit heads, functional heads and plant heads; managers who play multiple roles including HR without having formal HR orientation; HR professionals seeking a new, fresh perspective about managing people in highly competitive organizations.

    Program Outline:

    Understanding HR Strategic Role and
    its Main Functions
    What Business Managers Should
    Expect From HR
  • Modern Management and the New
  • o Six Realities About People Today
    o What Employees Want from Their Organizations
    o Value Added Managers and Business Results
    o The Human Equation: What a People Based
    Strategy Does
  • Where Does HR Fit in All This?: Towards a
    Modern Definition of HR Management
  • The Main HR Functions
  • Key Results Areas and KPIs in HR
  • Traditional versus Strategic HR Skills and
  • Where and How Does the Business Manager
    Fit in All This?
  • HR as a Support Function
  • How HR is Supposed to Support the Work of
    Business Managers in:
  • o Organization Design
    o Recruitment and Selection
    o Training and Development
    o Compensation and Benefits
    o Performance Management
    o Acting as Employee Champion
    o Acting as Internal Consultant/Advisor
  • Getting, Keeping and Growing People:
    Role of HR and Business Managers
  • Managing Intangibles: Knowing
    the New Game
    The Business Manager as Talent
  • The New Bottom Line and the Role of Intangibles
    in Market Valuation
  • Intangibles Make a Difference in Market Valuation
  • Can Leaders/Managers Impact Intangibles?
  • Role of HR versus the Role of the Line Manager
    in the New Architecture
  • How Attractive is Your Talent Culture?
  • The Talent Web
  • Manager as Talent Spotter
  • Manager as Talent Coach
  • Manager as Talent Blender
  • Manager as Talent Conductor
  • Manager as Talent Magnet
  • Pre-requisites

    Duration : 2 days

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