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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification Program

The BEI Master Black Belt (MBB) certification is a mark of career excellence and aimed at individuals who possess exceptional expertise and knowledge of current industry practice. Master Black Belts have outstanding leadership ability, are innovative, and demonstrate a strong commitment to the practice and advancement of quality and improvement.

Is this the right certification for you?

Here are the minimum expectations, requirements, experience, and exam specifics for a Master Black Belt.

Required Experience

To become certified as an BEI MBB, a candidate must successfully meet all requirements. To be eligible to apply for the MBB examination, a candidate must hold a current Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)* from any Institute In addition, a candidate must have either of the following experience levels.

1) At least 5 years of experience in the role of a SSBB or MBB. OR
2) Completion of 5 Six Sigma Black Belt projects. Candidates must be able to meet these minimum eligibility requirements in order to have their portfolio reviewed.

Portfolio Review

Once a candidate has met the eligibility requirements, the next step in the process is a portfolio review of the candidate’s body of SSBB or MBB work. When the review panel approves a candidate’s portfolio, the candidate will be eligible to register for and take the MBB examination. Only after successfully completing all requirements & passing the examination, will candidates receive MBB certification. Your Portfolio must include the following topics to be reviewed by panel of expert MBBs showing evidence of: Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring, Occupational Experience & Responsibility, Technical Experience, and Innovation. Candidates must meet the minimum scoring requirements for each of the three key performance indicators.

  • Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring
  • Occupational Experience & Responsibility
  • Technical Experience/Innovation
  • The portfolio evaluation process will be conducted by a panel of subject matter experts who are Master Black Belts themselves. This panel will operate independently but under the guidance of BEI The panel will have ultimate responsibility for judging the quality and appropriateness of the material and evidence presented in the portfolio. Candidates who meet the required minimums for each section of the portfolio will receive an approval letter from the review panel stating that they are eligible to take the MBB examination. Candidates who do not achieve the necessary points will receive feedback from the review panel. This feedback will include information about why the application failed, resubmission requirements, additional evidence requests, etc.


    Each certification candidate is required to pass a written examination that consists of multiple-choice questions that measure comprehension of the Body of Knowledge. The Master Black Belt certification is a five-hour examination that has two assessment components, a 100 item multiple choice test and a performance-based assessment that includes situation specific materials that candidates will be directed to evaluate and respond to. It is offered in English.
    All examinations are open-book. Each participant must bring his or her own reference materials. Use of reference materials and calculators is explained in the seating letter provided to applicants.


    Duration : 6 days

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