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      BEI Partner Program

The BEI Partner Program is designed to involve skilled, competent, and like minded people to achieve the shared vision of Business Excellence Institute to partner with 1 Millon Business Leaders in transforming their organizations to achieve business excellence for the benefit of society, and to create wealth for all stakeholders involved worldwide.

BEI motto:

Our Partners Success Is Our Success

Partner Types:

Managing Partner - for One BEI Branch

  • MBA or Marketing Expert or Entrepreneur with subject matter expertise
  • Have ability to Invest and Run one BEI Branch at your location
  • Works fulltime or through employing staff at branch
  • Works on Revenue Sharing Model
  • Consulting Partner

  • Subject Matter Expert-any Industry or skill
  • Professionally Trained & Certified
  • Research, Consulting & Training Experience
  • Willing to offer services on BEI behalf without self representation.
  • Freelancer - Works on Fixed Price Model
  • Partner Benefits:

    The individuals get the following benefits by associating with BEI as Partners

  • Easy, Quick, and Immediate Revenue Earning Opportunity from Day one, and also high return on investment up to 10 times
  • Absolutely no Risk, as you are partnering with successfully running business organization for last 6 years with a clear Mission and vision
  • Possibility of running a Management consulting Business with little investment of Less than 2 lakhs rupees
  • Complete support for Success through Centralized Marketing and Sales, Service Delivery Support, Centralized R&D, Certification and License Support
  • Worldwide Partnership Network and Worldwide Business opportunities for every one
  • Best Learning and Development Opportunities to every partner, as BEI offer 200 + courses.
  • Professional & Experienced Management team to help you to succeed all the time.
  • Additional Business Opportunities as part of Abhinav Group with 10 different Business entities, to grow beyond consulting.
  • Interested to become a Partner for BEI at your location, please contact us at +91 80 42171543, or Mobile: +91 9845155440 and also send email to

    Managing Partner:

    BEI is expanding its operation to every city in India and also major cities worldwide through set-up of Branches and offering local entrepreneur's opportunities to partner with BEI to run the branches on revenue sharing model.

    BEI supports the Managing Partners fully with corporate and regional offices in each state for legal, marketing; sales, customer care and importantly service delivery with required licenses and approvals by way of full time staff and also through BEI certified consulting partners.

  • Managing Partner is expected to run the BEI Branch with full accountability adhering to BEI Policies, and Professional code of Conduct.
  • Managing Partner should have minimum graduation , Preferably MBA
  • Managing Partner is expected to be specialist in Marketing, Sales, Service, and Customer Relationship Management with strong understanding of local markets and proximity with customers in the location.
  • Managing Partner is expected to invest in Branch Office Space, Infrastructure and utilities, Branch Staff and Local Marketing and Service coordination.
  • Managing Partner gets share - 75% of Net Total Revenue generated from the Branch after deducting taxes.
  • Managing Partner should able to pay one time registration fee of Rs 50,000 on signing branch managing partner agreement for 10 years period, renewable again.
  • Managing Partner contributes to local market development charges of Rs 50,000/- from generated revenues within first six months.
  • Managing partner seeks business any where from the world without any restrictions and invoice the customer from the allocated branch.
  • Interested to become Managing Partner for BEI Branch at your location, please contact us at +91 80 42171543, or Mobile: +91 9845155440 and also send email to

    Consulting Partner:

    BEI is partnering with subject matter experts from all industry backgrounds, skills and competencies to deliver best possible services and solutions to customers worldwide.

    BEI supports the Consulting Partners fully with support of Branch Managing Partners to deliver professional and high quality services on assignment basis.

  • Consulting Partner is expected to deliver services on BEI behalf, adhering to BEI Policies, and Professional code of Conduct all the time.
  • Consulting Partner is expected to be specialist in any subject or industry domain, and have willingness to offer services as consultant to BEI customers.
  • Consulting Partner should have minimum graduation with 5 years of Industry experience.
  • Consulting Partner can be self employed individual or working in any organization, but have authorization to accept assignments from BEI.
  • Consulting Partner is expected to work on freelance or part time basis from home and able to travel to customer location on assignment basis for short visits.
  • Consulting Partner is paid on fixed fee model for consulting or training services based on suitable assignment from BEI
  • Consulting Partner is eligible for bonus of 5%-10% of realized net revenues for customer referral or sales contribution
  • Consulting Partner is willing to undergo BEI Certification Process for the skills and competency before they deliver services to customers on BEI behalf.
  • Consulting Partners, in case required, willing to undergo BEI Train the Trainer Program to become authorized trainers by paying training and material cost.
  • Consulting Partners sign a MOU and Consulting Partner agreement to empanel with BEI, and registration is free of cost all the time.
  • Interested to become Managing Partner for BEI Branch at your location, please contact us at +91 80 42171543, or Mobile: +91 9845155

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