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Sales and Marketing

SM1 Customer Service Executive 3 C / E
SM2 Customer Relationship Manager 3 C / E
SM3 Sales Executive 3 C / E
SM4 Sales Manager 3 C / E
SM5 Marketing Executive 3 C / E
SM6 Marketing Manager 3 C / E
SM7 Sales Professional training and certification program 4 C / E
SM8 Marketing Professional training and certification program 4 C / E
SM9 Market Research: Foundations and Applications 4 C / E
SM10 Retail Management 4 C / E
SM11 Customer Loyalty: Strategies and Measurement 2 C / E
SM12 Sales Manager training and certification program 4 C / E
SM13 Key Account Management: Establishing Profitable Customer Relationships 3 C / E
SM14 The Strategic Marketing Plan 3 C / E
SM15 Marketing for Better Results 3 C / E
SM16 Strategic Sales Planning and Territory Management 3 C / E
SM17 Effective Promotion and Advertisement Strategies 3 C / E
SM18 Customer Relationship Management: CRM Strategic Roadmap 3 C / E
SM19 Value-Based Selling: Overcoming Price Objections 3 C / E
SM20 Professional Selling Strategies 4 C / E
SM21 Advanced Selling Strategies 3 C / E
SM22 New Product Launch Using Marketing Communication: Proven Strategies and Techniques 3 C / E
SM23 Internet and Web Marketing 2 C / E
SM24 Mastering Sales and Marketing Management Financials: Planning and Modeling Technology 3 C / E
SM25 Brand Management: From Concept to Equity 2 C / E
SM26 Creative Retail Selling and Visual Merchandising 2 C / E
SM27 Fundamentals of Sales Management 2 C / E
SM28 Telesales: Techniques to Boost Your Phone Sales 2 C / E
SM30 Implementing and Managing a Customer Complaints System 2 C / E
SM31 Customer Service Professional training and certification program 4 C / E
SM32 Customer Service Excellence: How to Win and Keep Customers 2 C / E
SM33 Customer Service Mindset 2 C / E
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