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Senior Management Program

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of the new workplace.
  • Apply the skills of a senior manager and leader.
  • Practice the foundations of business analysis.
  • Apply the latest management concepts and techniques to their current managerial position, with particular emphasis on strategy formulation, economic analysis, marketing and sales, finance, human resources and organizational behavior.
  • Develop and practice the specific skills required for managing successfully in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Identify their own managerial strengths and improvement opportunities and develop plans for managerial success.
  • This Program is designed for:

    Individuals in middle and senior positions who wish to better understand themselves in order to improve their leadership skills. Employees whose responsibilities require delegation, leading and managing change will also
    benefit from the program.

    Program Outline:

    The Management Challenge and the
    New Workplace
    The Economics of Business
  • Modern Management Thought
  • The New Workplace and Organizational
    Challenges - New Managerial Roles
  • High Performance Management Practices
  • The Role of Intangible Assets
  • The Price System: The Invisible Hand and
    Market Failures - A Role for Government
  • Market Structures and Price Determination
  • Inflation, Recessions and Government Macro
    economic Policies
  • Globalization and Emerging Economies
  • Marketing Management Strategic Leadership
  • Marketing Concepts and Fundamentals
  • Scanning the External and Internal Environments
    for Marketing Purposes
  • Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
  • Product and Promotion Mix Strategies Across
    the Product Life Cycle
  • Marketing Research: The Importance of Collecting and Reporting for Decision-Making
  • Art of Strategy: Strategy Formulation and
  • Types of Strategy
  • Assessing an Industry and a Firm
    Competitive Environment
  • Identifying Your Firm Critical Success Factors
    and Key Results Areas
  • Building Your Firm Balanced Scorecard
  • Financial Planning and Analysis Organizational Behavior
  • The Macro Finance Picture - What Every Senior
    Manager Needs to Know About Finance
  • The Key Financial Statements - The Vital Role
    of Financial Statements in Running Operations:
    The Income Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements
  • Financial Statement Analysis for Decision- Making:
  • o Time Series
    o Cross Sectional, Trend and Vertical Analysis
    o Liquidity, Asset Management and Solvency
    o Profitability and Market Ratios
  • Leadership as a Process - Bringing Out the Leader in You
  • The Situational Leadership Model
  • The Leader as a Coach and as a Developer of People - The Art of Delegation
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • The Four Modern Roles of HRM
  • The Role of Competencies in Modern HRM
  • The Role of the Line Manager in Building Leadership:

  • o Succession Planning
    o Talent Management


    Duration : 4 days

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