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successful Planning , Scheduling and Control

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the critical managerial and supervisory functions of planning, scheduling and control.
  • Utilize the planning cycle for effective results.
  • Apply planning techniques to allocate budgets and resources, and to schedule projects.
  • Use KPIs and targets to control results.
  • Manage and control resistance to change.
  • This Program is designed for:

    Department heads, superintendents and supervisors who need to develop their ability to plan, organize and control their unit.

    Program Outline:

    Foundation of Planning Foundation of Control
  • What is Planning?
  • Benefits of Planning
  • Planning and Performance
  • Types of Plans
  • Types of Goals
  • Characteristics of Well-Designed Goals
  • Approaches to Establishing Goals: MBO
  • Planning in the Hierarchy of Organizations
  • What Is Control and Why Is It Important?
  • The Control Process
  • Controlling Organizational Performance
  • Tools for Organizational Performance
  • Planning Tools and Techniques Control and Performance Measurement
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Forecasting and Forecasting Techniques
  • Benchmarking
  • The Benchmarking Process
  • Allocating Resources and Budgets
  • The Breakeven Analysis
  • The Planning-Controlling Link
  • Measuring: How and What We Measure
  • Organizational Effectiveness Measures
  • Controlling Organizational Performance
  • Project Planning and Scheduling Managing and Controlling Resistance
    to Change
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • Scheduling Using PERT, Gantt Charts, and
    Load Charts
  • Steps in Developing a PERT Network
  • Forces for Change
  • Force Field Analysis
  • The 10 Principles of Change
  • Five Managerial Activities Essential to
    Managing Change
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Improving Credibility and Gaining Recognition
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Being Assertive Management Plan
  • Selling Your Ideas to the Boss,
    Colleagues, Subordinates and Clients
  • Pre-requisites

    Duration : 4 days

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